Hymns of the Blackest Light, Vol. 1

by Fallen Oak Recording

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Album produced as a demo compilation of various extreme, dark genres within the underground metal scene and Christian community. Contributing artists/bands courtesy of The Blackest Light forum and Fallen Oak Recording / VoW Music.

Each song produced and/or recorded by contributing artists at their discretion; studio & production credits vary.

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released March 20, 2017

Fallen Oak Recording / The Blackest Light



all rights reserved


Fallen Oak Recording Maryville, Tennessee

Fallen Oak Recording is an independent label/studio owned by DC Mills of Vials of Wrath.

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Track Name: Ohen - Valley of Dry Bones
I could see very many bones
and they were very dry.
He said to me:
Mortal man, can these bones come back to life?
Prophecy to the bones.
Tell these dry bones to listen to the word of the Lord.
Tell them that I, the Sovereign Lord
am saying to them:
I will put breath into you
and bring you back to life.
Mortal man, can these bones come back to life?
While I was speaking I heard rattling noise
And the bones began to join together
While I watched the bones were covered
With sinews, muscles and then with skin.
Mortal man, can these bones come back to life?
I’ve done as told.
Breath entered the bodies.
Enough of them 
formed an army.
Track Name: Through The Thorns - Master of the Universe
The darkness was upon the waters
Silence was present
Then God said let there be a light
A huge blast went over the universe
All that were without light
Suddenly were lightened

Master of the Universe
Creator of all that exists
Those things that didnít exist
Did appear through the Mighty One

Still waters suddenly bear fish
All kind of animals of the sea appeared
The depths were no more silent
All plants were suddenly appeared on the land
All those that bear seeds and fruits
God saw all that was good

Master of the Universe
Creator of all that exists
Those things that didnít exist
Did appear through the Mighty One

All those animals were appeared
All those beasts that walked on the land
All those that did fly upon the earth
Man appeared to take care of all this
Man that did have responsibility
Man that soon did fall

Master of the Universe
Creator of all that exists
Those things that didnít exist
Did appear through the Mighty One
Track Name: O, Majestic Winter - Tempest of the Great Owl
Cold eyes creak open…
A world awash in white…
A cloak of falling frost…
Our minds cannot comprehend…

Blinded by the furious touch of the ocean’s crush,
a frozen weight presses down…
A chaotic gale of ice and terror…

“Do not be dismayed…
Keep your eyes lifted,
and I will show you a safer path…
For not all that is before you is unseen…”

Behold! A great white owl guides
us through the storm!
Focus, brother! That we may not lose sight!
Within us a greater faith prevails.
We have been sent a blessed messenger…
A friend…

“Here! Look! This way!
I will carry you on my wings!
Trust the faith in your hearts, my friends!
Death will not keep you this night!”
Track Name: Bozkath - Through The Darkness
Through this dimness,
I walk,
Every step echoes…

Every breath reverberates
Through the dust
In the air I breathe
Air, thick and suffocating

I hear sounds
I no longer know if they’re my own
My heartbeat or something else
But I remember…

My strength is not my own.

Through the darkness,
Through the blackness
Whether I die,
I am endless
I do not fear
Any longer
Dark surrounds,
But I am stronger [5x]
Track Name: Orationem - A Blessing For All
Great and Magnificent Jesus Christ
I will always pray to You
Your greatness and Your mercy
Is more than we deserve
God please bless me
to continue to do Your will
Please bless my wife Kaytlyn
as she means everything to me
I ask that You bless my mother and father, Ron and Doris
I thank them for their love and support
I am thankful for my brother Brad
who brings me joy and laughter
Lord, please bless the members
The Blackest Light, The Christian Metal Realm
and the Sanctuary International
for their happiness and their well being
as they continue to help me learn
Father, please bless Duane
with Vision of God and its record labels
that his ministry will thrive and grow
God bless my sobriety homegroup
as they spiritually improve their lives
God bless the Ire and those who play
as it brings me much joy
I thank you for everyone
who has listened to Orationem
and everyone who has helped me
in my fight with cancer
Lord, please make this New Year
a blessing for all
We rely on You
We need You
You are worthy of all praise
Track Name: Blood Thirsty - Beheaded
Surrounded by principalities and powers
Entrenched deep in desert lands
Wickedness resides in supernatural realms (Ephesias 6:12)
Sifting lives like the falling sands
(Luke 22:31)

Ideological displeasure
Hatred of Christ is manifest
I refuse to renounce my God
Behold, my faith’s final test

Prepare the blades
Herded to the shore
Revealed to eyes of the world
This shell will soon be no more

Surrounded by principalities and powers
Entrenched deep in desert lands
Wickedness resides in supernatural realms (Ephesias 6:12)
Sifting lives like the falling sands
(Luke 22:31)

Ocular disparagement
Execution imminent
Line us up one by one
Forced to my knees, I cannot run

I cease not speaking Yeshua’s name
The name by which salvation comes
No other name is given under the heavenly realms
And there is salvation in no one else
(Acts 4:12)

Extremist militant mind
I feel the cold edge of the blade as it’s pressed to my flesh
Starting to slice
The edge of the tool is beginning to cut through my neck
The spurting of blood
Lacerating the skin revealing the organs within
Off with my head
It’s held in the air as my body descends to the ground

Behold, the scroll
The fifth seal will break and then you will see me among the saints
Under the Altar of Souls
With those who were murdered and slaughtered because of the Word
Of my God
And because of the word that they kept of the testimony
Holy and true
The Lord will avenge all the blood that you shed with my fellow brethren
(Revelation 6:9-11)

He is Lord
He is God
For all time (Hebrews 13:8)
Track Name: Corpse - Chilling Fear
In the dark, are you afraid?
You can’t see me, but I am here.
In the dark you feel the chill.
That chill is me coming near you.

When darkness falls, I’ll be there.
To watch your soul wither and fade.
To feed your thoughts and nightmares.
I am fear, be my slave. Be my slave.

Enslaved in the name of fear.
Insane, driven mad by darkened days.
Dismayed, will never be the same.
Look back and see the light that’s faded.
Is just a trepidating dream.

Outdo the sickening lies of fear itself.
It has no power that we don’t give.
Fear has no power of its own.
Over those in Christ alone.
Track Name: Ravish - The Bread of Life
Blessed is your holy name O Lord
Glory and honor we give unto You
You provide us with everything we need
You are the Bread of Life
The only One worth dying for

When all else is fading away
And then the only thing remaining keeping me from falling away
Is the Bread of Life
The only One worth dying for!
Track Name: TIMŌRĀTUS - Eternal Loss
The pain of living in this place
The great mortality, the pestilence
There is no hope for Kafla Serlaro
My family dies with the fear in their eyes
Please Lord God take this away from me
To the furthest of seas
Please don’t test me in this way
How can I make it through
How could a God do this to his people?
How could He truly love me?
Holding my tongue I desire to curse your name
Who has safety for Kafla Serlaro
My family dies with this fear in their eyes
Please Lord God answer me this question
Why have you done this to me?
Demons now holding my mind in contempt
Butchering my dreams at night
The solace I once had now completely gone
How could He truly love me?
Holding my love I can do nothing for her
As she just lays in my arms dying
There is no love for me
I look up to the heavens clutching her in my arms 
Please Lord help me in my grief and sorrow
The land is dark as the sickness continues to breed
Everyone that I loved
Everyone that I cared for is now gone
Track Name: Vials of Wrath - All That Is Left In Shade
Time is genocide
Of all my dreams
With age and wisdom
I now abort them
To alleviate their birth pain

Too many seeds planted
Too little harvest to show
My ambitions withered
My spirit broke

With each new day
I lament the rising sun
It’s golden light a beacon
For the death of yesterday

Dusk brings mourning
Buried in darkness
It’s ghosts will haunt me
With all that is left in shade

I will seek to bear witness
To days without names
Taste the blood of a savior
Living water flowing
From a ne’er ending stream